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    AO Business Management   Managing Your Success

  • online business management New Zealand

    AO Business Management
    Managing Your Success


Anita Overgaauw AO Business ManagementHi, my name is Anita Overgaauw – the creator of AO Business Management, an online business management provider assisting bed & breakfast and boutique hotel owners worldwide.

Did you start this journey in hospitality full of enthusiasm but now you feel overwhelmed by the number of your projects, struggle with the seasonality or feel stuck in all the back office obligations, then working together with me could be the solution for you!

Online b&b and hotel management

I offer my extensive project management experience to create thorough systems and procedures, so you can focus on delivering great results for your clients and thus expanding your business and building on your successes.

My clients are located in different countries, since my online set-up does not have boundaries.

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As a professional Online Business Manager in the Hospitality industry I will be the person that will guide you, point out ways of improvement and implement changes that will make your business run more smoothly and successfully. The main focus will be on the overall planning and strategic thinking; we will work together in analysing the issues that hold you back to develop and grow. You can expect that I will not shy away from giving an honest opinion, but never without offering a solution.

My specialisation in Finances, Marketing and Human Resources and vast industry experience in Hospitality and Wine will be instrumental to manage the resulting projects.

What could this look like?

You will set your vision and determine your marketing channels and define the type of content. You can then expect that I will proactively guide you and provide recommendations, keeping in mind the general goal of increasing revenue and decreasing costs. In the process I will manage your team and/or projects while creating necessary systems and procedures. Keep in mind that this is just an example; if you would like to explore further how to improve your results, you can contact me by filling out the consultation form.

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Anita Overgaauw
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